Monday, February 6, 2012

#5 Alice in Wonderland (ebook)

It was my first experience to read a book in digital medium called ebook. I am not a big fan of an ebook because I couldn't stand to read in long time on the computer or laptop. Sometimes it hurts my eyes and I was feeling  uncomfortable to always sit on chair when I read ebook on my laptop; but thanks to my tablet, now I have a right device to enjoy read an ebook I think that's way people create Kindle or Nook or Samsung Galaxy tab, because that kind of media made us more comfortable to read in any position.

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Alice in Wonderland is a witty children bed time story. It is ridiculous yet funny. As an adult you will find that this book not boring at all. The adventure of Alice began when she accidentally met The White Rabbit that can talk in perfectly English like human being. Interested to what she saw, she followed it (or him?) to the rabbit hole that big enough for her to jump in. Feeling challenged, she decided to jump in and at the bottom of the hole she found a tiny door that is approximately the size of mouse-hole.

She peeked through this hole and her eye catch a beautiful garden that she never seen before. She wanted to get there but her body was impossible to get through this door. And then we will be introduced to the famous "Drink Me" liquid and "Eat Me" cake that could shrink her or make her grow larger. That was not only the strange things that we would find in this book, the other creature would force us to smile even laugh because their foolishness.

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   Lewis Caroll (the writer) also made a ridicule explanation about each character in Wonderland. For example, the reason why Mad Hatter always had a tea party is because the queen had killed the Time (his clock), so the time always at six o'clock and it's always a tea time for him. Weird enough for you? The other example is the Mock Turtle who always looks sad but considered as a wise animal. It told Alice that lesson mean that it will be lessen from day to day so the first day there would be 10 hours at school and then 9 the next and so on, then they get holiday on the eleventh day.

The other whimsical character is The Duchess, not to mention The Cheshire Cat, Blue Caterpillar and also The Queen. The Duchess always talk about moral of something and her sentences always made everybody confuse, e.g. "And the moral of that is "Be what you would seem to be" - or if you'd like it put more simply - "Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise". That was the simplest explanation that I ever read.

Through the Looking Glass (
To summarise, this book is entertaining in a funny way. But I regret that the last chapter did not provide an explanation about the trial about who was steal The Queen cake but after all I am quite amused. Alice Adventure in Wonderland is consider as the most popular book at the time it published and nowadays it's also one of most read book on children genre. This book is the first part of Alice's adventure, the sequel is Through Looking Glass, can't wait for the next journey to Wonderland! I gave 4 (of 5) stars for this book and I promise to myself to read it for my children if someday I have any.