Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gone with the Wind Part 1

The movie Gone with the wind that starred Vivian Leigh as Scarlett and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler has a lot of influence while I’m reading the novel that the movie based on. I always pictured Scarlett as pretty as Vivian Leigh and feel surprised found out that Margaret Mitchell described her as not beautiful but have her ways and charm to make every boys/men adore her. She’s clever although school boring her, stubborn, narcissistic and a little bit cunning. The sixteen year old Scarlett purpose of life was to attract as much young man in his neighborhood and marry Ashley Wilkes.

Scarlett O’Hara was a first daughter of Gerald and Ellen O’Hara; she has two siblings Suellen and Careen and also three bothers that have died. The O’Hara was an upper class and wealthy landlord of Tara plantation, Georgia. The Wilkes, Tarleton’s and Fontaine’s are the other landlord in Georgia. They become close friend and always had a barbecue party every week. Each family have their unique character, The Wilkes is known for their strange hobby reading and playing music and married their cousin, The Tarleton’s is famous for their weakness in alcohol and the Fontaine's very well known for their short-tempered. All those families, except Wilkes family, support Georgia to leave the confederation because they hate the Yankees who against slavery.

This first part describe the main character one by one, Scarlett, the major character, her family and neighborhood also the politic situation in Georgia and also America  before the Civil War. It quite interested that the Afro-American slave of the landlord has a hierarchy too and despite their suffering because of slavery they also secretly insult and feel better than the poor white family. They was accustomed to be slave for years that made them serve their master deliberately and never thought of freedom. This is a quite different point of view compared to Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

*spoiler alert*
Back to the story, Scarlett who thinks Ashley Wilkes loves her too felt very hurt when she heard that he will engage to Melanie Hamilton his cousin. Feeling confident that Ashley possibly loves her, she decided to confront Ashley and told him that she loves him. Fortunately Ashley loves her but he confused with Scarlett behavior toward him and another young man, he convinced Scarlett although they love each other, she never will understand Ashley because they gave a different hobby and interest. Feeling rejected and humiliated, Scarlett made a decision that she hope will hurt Ashley and other girl who gossiping her but also realized that it hurts herself too.
*spoiler alert*

After all, I think I enjoyed this part, didn’t amaze me but not bored at all. I’m ready to read part 2 know because in that part Rhett Butler maybe start to enter Scarlett life deeply. Can’t wait to read it. If you interested, just join us at GWTW read along hosted by Fanda started this September and will end at November, 8th.

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  1. Sean Connery did not play Rhett -- Clark Gable played Rhett. :)

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  3. I was rather annoyed of this part because of Scarlett's character, but the next is promising, partly becasue of the war :)

    I haven't seen the movie, I already have the DVD but I'll safe it until I finish the book.

  4. I also found it new to read about the hierarchy of the slaves at this book.

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